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Nothing short of brilliant
Wendy Cornett
"Eileen Saint Lauren's Goodlife, Mississippi is nothing short of brilliant. The pure, organic flow of her narrative pulled me in from page one and never let me go. Saint Lauren's natural style and ease with weaving dialogue and descriptive passages plunged me smack-dab into the sights, sounds and sensations of a young girl's life that seemed so real I forgot I was reading a work of fiction. Wise beyond her years in some ways but still just a child, the book's protagonist Myra Boone endures more in 12 years than anyone should in a lifetime. Goodlife, Mississippi is one of those rare books that I hoped would never end. Saint Lauren is a modern-day Eudora Welty, and I'm counting the days until her next book."
               - Goodreads Review

Writer at Work

Goodlife, Mississippi, a captivating book
               - Thieu Vuong

"The author has skillfully penned a story of an accidental orphan named Myra and her ultimate dream of becoming a writer. Through Myra's lens, the readers were introduced to daily life during the segregation era. There was struggle, inequity, exploitation, despair, meanness, treachery, and yet there was still hope, dream, forgiveness, kindness, laughter, compassion and perseverance. Although this is a story of one fictional character, it can speak to anyone, anywhere and anytime, from the kindest to the meanest, from the very old to the very young and all in between."
               - Amazon Review 
Amazing Southern Novel
Julie Carter
"This novel is extraordinary. Goodlife, Mississippi should become a movie. The author shares an amazing character in Myra. I can't wait to see this book as a #1 Best Seller. The author definitely deserves it."
               - Amazon Review 
So profound you'll forget it's a work of fiction!
- Renee L. Williams

“Goodlife, Mississippi” is a profound look into the Life of Mary Myra Boone that will break your heart at times while always giving you deep hope for her life as it unfolds. You will fall in love with her and those in her life. You will want to know more about them and for a few, if you’re honest, you will hope that karma dealt them a swift and mighty kick in the behind. How much better can a book be when you believe the people you are reading about are real? Buy the book, read the book and immerse yourself into Myra’s life.
                - Amazon Review 
Goodlife, Mississippi captured my heart
Connie Pierpont
"Goodlife, Mississippi, the new book by Eileen Saint Lauren, is a story which captured my heart from the very beginning. Although it is a work of fiction, it has many hints of Southern history embedded in the storyline. I saw many shades of the past as a child living in south Mississippi. Myra Boone captures your heart from the very beginning. You will laugh with her, cry with her, pray with her, and hopefully leave with some of her pure innocence. She faced hardships with perseverance and grace. Come walk with her and see life through her innocence, faith, and strength."
               - Amazon Review 
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